The Apple-Microsoft Energizer Bunny.

  In 1989 Energizer hijacked the Duracell Bunny thus for most parts of the world hijacking the iconic toy from Duracell. Today I saw a Microsoft`ee still praise the company for its efforts in Metro design style in the Windows Phone. Asserting that basically Apple has copied them and they (Microsoft) will soon be rewarded for such greatness. The cautionary tale here for me is this. Apple are great are surgically brilliant at design, not just in their own marketing but it embodies everything they do and beyond. Microsoft....well...don't. They have moments but often you can automatically sense the hesitation in executing their design (as if to say they have design sugar rushes). Point in case is Windows 8, start screen is interesting, parts of the way in which you design applications are different but then ...nothing... AppStore was a sad existence to stare at and the whole strategy around cultivating, nurturing, evangelising and so much more the design itself simply fell silent. My point today is simple, Apple copying or not copying Microsoft - who cares - isn't a point for the company to celebrate. It's a pretty loud warning shot across the design bow, that simply says - step up and lead, or step aside but make  a choice.      

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  • craigvn

    If Apple are so brilliant at design why is iTunes so bad?

  • To give apple haters something to use as a foam padded beating stick. 😉

    Apple are brilliant at design, they aren’t Perfect at it that’s where I think the confusion begins thus why iTunes is the way it is to probably.

    Compare Apple’s approach to product placement, marketing and execution to Microsoft’s.. its night and day..even down to the retail channel level.

  • Chad Collins

    I agree Scott, they need to step it up…

  • Chad Collins

    Yeah those darn apple haters hating the following things… 1) apples screwy work flow for buying or updating apps in ios using their store… 2) their awesome ability to lose users passwords to chaining hacks twice in one year….. their recent deleting of paid user posts about bugs they are seeing in IOS (serious bugs)…. 3) Their triumphant moment when they killed flash, im the only left who cares but i wont forgive them for another decade…..4) Apples slow UIWebUIView control is an anti competitive slow dog of a hybrid embedded offering for app developers…. main stream technology leads from Telerik, and other popular game developers for IOS are f-ing fed up and are openly saying Apple sucks big…. _fill in the blank here_…… If you read this far then no replying TLDR damnit! 🙂

  • DElyk

    I agree Scott. And it’s not just the software. The out of box experience, the manuals, the welcome to our product, let’s get this relationship off to a great start thing, they have elevated it to an art form. It’s the embodiment of the brand.