My Kickstarter NSA Project

I'm going to create a company that will slowly own all inbound/outbound traffic. I'm then going to control the entire advertising channel that goes along with this. I'm also going to monitor all of your behaviour online and i'm also going to make it so i own as much of your mobile device(s) as well to ensure I have not just home/work covered but where you go as well. I'm also going to do everything I can to ensure all software programmers don't abandon the web for improved / innovative solutions that transcend by re-writing mediocrity over and over (AJAX was a great ride, but have you seen this new HTML5 .... mwhahahaha). I'm sorry you were talking about NSA, please continue while I Google some more. My end point is this - There's a lot of trust online and for anyone to think that trends like HTML5 are for the greater good really need to step back and understand the status quo today and sure you're offended by the NSA's behavior ...which is comical at best compared to the level of data we entrust into corporations daily - because they have a "Do no Evil" policy 🙂    

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