Your own Mulit-touch Surface Prototypeboard-thingy.

Today it hit me that a co-worker and I have been using a mini-whiteboard in a way that could easily be used as a way to prototype Surface style applications or ideas you may have.

IMG_0232 Let me explain, there is a partition between me and my co-worker which used to be a locker of some sort (no idea actually). It’s pretty high in terms of size and given its between the co-worker and I it’s kind of suddenly become our meet/greet tabletop.

On top of this partition is a mini-whiteboard that we have (approx 50cm wide and 50cm high) and it’s fast become our “hey got an idea for the UI” or “hey need some help with OOP composition” meeting point. We typically sketch out our problem/idea and then proceed to – yes you heard it first – communicate with one another on what’s possible etc.

We often call it the poor-mans Surface table as a joke, but in reality if i were to work on a Surface / iPad etc style application it’s this little whiteboard I'd love to have in the room. As I'm then able to sketch out the ideas and walk others through it via old skool pen + paper mode but at the same time can allow quicker iterations then “can you hand me that eraser” or “let me get another sheet of paper” ..

Anyway, thought I'd share this little eco-friendly prototyping tool for all to think about.


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