UXCAST–Making Isometric Workflows inside Expression Blend–Part 1


I did it! and I feel exposed. I sat down tonight and put together my first of what may or may not be many (depending on how badly I get crit) screencasts around UI / UX + Microsoft Technology.

In this video, I show folks how one can take a workflow design concept and inject it into your canvas of choice but in an Isometric format. I like Isometrics simply because you can get more of a spatial view than most screen angles that and it derives from my old Pixel-art days so..yeah..Isometrics are the way!

Hope you enjoy, and feedback welcomed.



RIGANEIC - UXCAST - Isometrics in Expression Blend from Scott Barnes on Vimeo.

In this screencast I show how one can take a Isometric workflow map and transpose it into Expression Blend 4.

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  • Baran

    Errrm ; “This video has been removed because it is too long” Scott. I guess you have to divide it into 15 minute parts .

  • Baran

    Baran wrote:

    Errrm ; β€œThis video has been removed because it is too long” Scott. I guess you have to divide it into 15 minute parts .

    Oh nevermind , fixed already. Watching now , thanks

  • hi Scott,

    Thank you for the great episode… Hope to see many more like this!!!



  • Ben

    Great screencast. I look forward to more.

  • Jose

    Awesome. Loved the screencast.

    For some reason there is a lag between you typing and the screen updating but it is not too bad. I quite like the style and pace. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Chris

    Awesome work, can’t wait ti see more

  • Pycogo

    Very nice

    Small remark though: the drop shadow of the bubble is painted over the green triangle so you might need to rearrange the stuff a bit

  • neville

    wasnt expecting the F word there at 17.2 πŸ™‚

    got every ones attention around my desk…

  • Mark

    Awesome screencast.
    Good to know it’s not just me that has fights with Blend πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to the next one, cheers.

  • Keith

    Finally! Someone worth watching! This is by far the best web cast I’ve seen so far. I learned more in than many other videos combined. Please keep on with this series. This is all stuff that I really want to know more about.

    THANK YOU! πŸ™‚

  • Chui Tey

    Scott, thanks. The photoshop drawing is bitmap only isn’t it?

  • Francisco

    This was one of the best most truly usefull screencasts I’ve ever seen thanks and keep them coming.

  • Adrian

    Nice one dude, thanks and keep them coming.

  • Arctic

    Great tutorial πŸ™‚

    Is the source code for iWANT available somewhere? I’m dying to find out how you usually structure your pojects, deal with the various issues blend has to offer etc.

  • I really enjoyed this screen cast. Well done.