Apple gets complaints about consistent incremental growth in their product(s).

Just like in the lion king, out come the Apple execs holding their new king high in the air as if the “circle of life” sound track is about to be played – yet again – hail the new Mac Book Pro and its retina display for it is the answer to a question nobody asked!

Apple Kool-Aid aside, something struck me today about the staying power of a Apple as a brand and it had little to do with the a-typical Steve Jobs circle jerk “he’s the technical second coming of jesus” rants.

Today, we cast our eyes to the big fruit in the RSS filled sky and we have two choices before us. We can either praise and high five Apple for all its brilliance and might – or – we can boo, hiss and denounce it as the new entity within the technology axis of evil for yet another lack luster development in product planning.

To me though something struck me as a stand out thought amongst many in my coffee overdosed bipolar mind. Today we are afforded the luxury of complaining about Apple and how dare they keep a consistent product roadmap that appears to be growing incrementally over the years. There’s no sudden abandonment or about face turn on product roadmaps, there is no product sitting in the portfolio suddenly gone really really quiet from a marketing standpoint to the point you almost would swear it never existed.

They have this nerve about staying fairly committed to their product vision and future and what really gets under my skin is how they keep improving on their designs.

An example comes to mind, the new Macbook Pro. All it has really is a tighter retina display that they borrowed from the R&D they clearly have put into the iPhone/iPad(s). What a cheap attempt at fooling me into buying their product – I’m outraged.

As you all know, I’m a Microsoft .NET developer & designer these days and to be openly frank about this, I don’t like it when a brand sticks to a commitment around their product line(s). I’m not used to it and I expect after 1-2 years the product has to be parked in the “old ideas” parking bay and I await now the new vision of what’s new coming up next.

The idea that you’re R&D can be re-used across all your platform(s) in a consistent and carefully designed manner that isn’t highly reactive to your competitor(s) is quite arrogant and clearly a dumb idea.

Microsoft will show Apple who’s boss, they’ll take the Windows 8 Tablet and ram it down the vegan fruit eating zen smoking hipsters throats. They’ll give them a lesson in how to confuse and alienate their customer(s) with inconsistent visions and platform resets that are a massive answer to a question that nobody asked.

Watch this space Apple as you’re about to be skooled on Windows 8 and yes there is no start button because that’s 25+ years of habitual usage that need not apply anymore – yeah they did it, they meant it and Sinofsky is here to represent it – Windows 8, no start, no finish just existence.

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  • And Apple’s developer base will surely get sick of the fact that they can still use the same languages and skills to create new applications on an improved platform. I say they need to ditch ObjectiveC and come up with a new UI framework. Clearly an entirely new UI Framework with a life span of 5-7 years MAX is what really drives platform adoption.

  • I like the way your mind works sir and I concur. As a product manager of the old and advocate of the new its clearly the right path forward. Confusion is simply a buffer to innovation, honest

  • Jon

    They also need to completely reskin their flagship IDE with an ugly approximation of a design language created for phones. In fact, every iteration of the development tools should feature an entirely overhauled UI, accompanied by a glut of evangelist bloggers exulting how the amazing new look is the best thing since, well, the last version’s new UI. Remember, developers love change, particularly change for change’s sake. If they are given a choice between insignificant things like new language features and compiler enhancements, or a new UI, developers will choose the new UI every time. Not that you offer them a choice, of course.

  • Anonymous1

    There needs to be accountability at Microsoft.  Developers are leaving .NET in droves over the chaos caused by so much platform API churn.  By Microsoft’s own hand, the only dry land anymore is iOS/Objective C.  Posted from a Windows 8 PC.

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  • Tam Tran

    It’s simple, it works the way it should – function, it’s beautiful to look at – form, yet it pays homage to the brand so not to alienate previous models/customers – cult following. 
    You could replace Apple  with any other consumer products, be Merc, BMW or Prada or Chanel … Consumer Product 101.