Monthly archives: April, 2010

Lifting the Apple vs. Adobe compete veil

In October 2009 I warned the Adobe community via InsideRIA that Adobe should tread very carefully with Apple and how that if they kept poking the sleeping giant sooner or later they’d react. It’s now April, and Apple have reacted – and like a great game of chess, it’s not check mate just yet either….

Silverlight Installation / Preloader Experience – BarnesStyle.

When I was in the Silverlight Product team, I had many visions of where I wanted to take the product beyond where some of my co-team mates were comfortable with (slow painful incremental growth in terms of change). One of the main focal areas I wanted to fix, was the overall Installation and Preloading Experiences…

How to hack Expression Blend

I’m the kind of guy who likes to tinker where i shouldn’t and tonight I just couldn’t help myself and decided to see how far I could go in terms of hijacking the UI in Expression Blend. The reason that sparked this quest was that I wanted to write my own special custom UI Panel…