Monthly archives: November, 2010


Hey Scott, WPF isn’t dead he just said so..

I was forwarded a blog post today from a .NET dev – Juan M. Medina. It was a great insight into the cause/effects and now response to some of my blog posts. It however left me a little frustrated mainly around the main issue of the declaration of WPF is dead being lost in translation….


Silverlight and HTML5, Rainbows, Sunshine and Bullshit.

I look at all the hysteria around technolgyX vs. technologyY and immediately tend to ignore anything said within the blog posts or news articles. It’s not important enough to get all worked up about, as the real core element of these arguments is which is going to be popular vs. which isn’t? Take the current…


The rise and fall of Microsoft’s UX platform – Part 3

It looks bad, I mean it really just looks bad. The President of Server & Tools in PDC just came out and pretty much implied that the race between HTML5 vs. Silverlight internally is over. The winner by way of Presidential nominee is HTML5. It’s easy to assume that maybe Mary Jo got it wrong,…