UX: Patterns, rhythm and melody.

I stumbled upon this YouTube clip of Avicii giving the camera (folks at home) an insight into his creative process. I have a theory that humans and software aren't as incompatible as a lot of people in the role of "user experience" preach. All to often I hear the word "usability" that is commonly used as a beating stick for why people should recreate software to suite the authors bias. They will often throw down a lot of fragmented behaviour science / principles of design that leaves the intended audience bedazzled  as if to say out loud "ok you win, yo clearly can articulate design in ways that go beyond my simpleton vocabulary". My theory? we think and act in patterns, we look at software as a series of patterns that we catalogue. Our job as UX practitioners is to give the audience a series of patterns they can lock onto, memorize and work there way around to achieve tasks. In the case of FL Studio and Avicii, here's a guy using a piece of software to create music that you will no doubt hear on your local radio station at some point. The way he approaches the software in the video is something to see, given how fast and fluid he is with the information being presented. Observing his approach to the tool is simple, he's working with patterns and even more so he's working with audio to underpin these patterns. It's also nice to know that successful artists like Avicii approach the creative process in a way that's normal 😉

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My Kickstarter NSA Project

I'm going to create a company that will slowly own all inbound/outbound traffic. I'm then going to control the entire advertising channel that goes along with this. I'm also going to monitor all of your behaviour online and i'm also going to make it so i own as much of your mobile device(s) as well to ensure I have not just home/work covered but where you go as well. I'm also going to do everything I can to ensure all software programmers don't abandon the web for improved / innovative solutions that transcend by re-writing mediocrity over and over (AJAX was a great ride, but have you seen this new HTML5 .... mwhahahaha). I'm sorry you were talking about NSA, please continue while I Google some more. My end point is this - There's a lot of trust online and for anyone to think that trends like HTML5 are for the greater good really need to step back and understand the status quo today and sure you're offended by the NSA's behavior ...which is comical at best compared to the level of data we entrust into corporations daily - because they have a "Do no Evil" policy 🙂    

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The Apple-Microsoft Energizer Bunny.

  In 1989 Energizer hijacked the Duracell Bunny thus for most parts of the world hijacking the iconic toy from Duracell. Today I saw a Microsoft`ee still praise the company for its efforts in Metro design style in the Windows Phone. Asserting that basically Apple has copied them and they (Microsoft) will soon be rewarded for such greatness. The cautionary tale here for me is this. Apple are great ...no...they are surgically brilliant at design, not just in their own marketing but it embodies everything they do and beyond. Microsoft....well...don't. They have moments but often you can automatically sense the hesitation in executing their design (as if to say they have design sugar rushes). Point in case is Windows 8, start screen is interesting, parts of the way in which you design applications are different but then ...nothing... AppStore was a sad existence to stare at and the whole strategy around cultivating, nurturing, evangelising and so much more the design itself simply fell silent. My point today is simple, Apple copying or not copying Microsoft - who cares - isn't a point for the company to celebrate. It's a pretty loud warning shot across the design bow, that simply says - step up and lead, or step aside but make  a choice.      

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