I’m Scroogled no sir you’re Scroogled and you’re scroogled.

There are days when I arrive at work, drink my hot cup of coffee brew goodness and read what's new "On the Line". Most days they are often filled with moments of what I call "Microsoft LOL's". These moments are typically what I often use in my comedy routine with friends in the Microsoft business community whenever we get together to unpick "what just happened" - they are often filled with laughter + "..so..then...they not only did....but they decided to go back for more..." moments. This morning I scanned my intertubes and saw Microsoft's attempt at what I can only assume is humour. That is the Internet Explorer vs Google Chrome fight got a bit more bitter due to the company deciding it was a brilliant idea to make T-shirts and hat's trashing their competitor's efforts to make an alternative product to their own - Internet Explorer. Some would say "Well this is how competitors work, its fair game" true, except I should point out that the very people who work on Google chrome used to also work at Microsoft so it's not like Red vs Blue clones duking it out, it's in many ways two parents fighting in front of their kids. If you are in the role of "Evangelist" right now in Microsoft and you've been given metrics around Internet Explorer or HTML5 (which is nearly all of them) its moments like these that you really do need to think about updating your LinkedIn Profile to make sure its current. It's also a good time to brush up on your way to make fun of the company you work for's stupidity in the face of probably some very angry or agitated community groups who just don't agree with this kind of tactics. My goto line would be "You think the Scroogle thing was bad, imagine me right now and how Scroogled I am to be standing here..." or something to that affect. The best you can do from a reach standpoint is absorb the blow, pivot it to being a case of "Yeah you're pissed, imagine how I feel" and hope to hell your community peer's look at you with sympathy and not aggravation. As I write this Frank Shaw the infamous fist waving anti-Google VP of Communications for Microsoft has gone quiet on the PR front. My only question for Microsoft is at what meeting and how much coke was snorted before this idea to put this on your store seemed like a "Funny idea" and should the company update its competitive obsession policies? Broken ideas

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