Multi-touch VJ..err..DJ…err..nevermind.

I’m about 10 days out until I get my hands on my multi-touch monitor from Dell. As a result of this long wait, I’m just exploring the web tonight to see what's out there in multi-touch land. I came across this video via vimeo (which can I just say is where all the creative people youtube their work).


The concept is by James Cui (VJ Fader) and what it appears to do is allow him and other VJ’s to synchronize with visuals (both for his input and the audience watching him).

I’ve been to a couple of raves in my time (17/18 yrs old) and I can see how this could definitely up the fame pool for a lot of DJ’s as my friends & I often use to joke at how stupid people were just staring at some guy move records in and out? (ie…what was the point? music was great but stare?)

This however changes everything.

faderTouch 3.0 & Audio Visual Instruments from VJFader on Vimeo.

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